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Bluetooth Plug(Model No.:BG-600)

Product Details

MOQ: 2000PCS
Product Size: Receiver: 85×61.5×32.9mm
Material: ABS
Color white dotWhite, black dotBlack


Just plug the converter before you connect the device.


You can set a timer to turn on / off your coffee maker at a specific time.

Set a timer to make your coffee every morning.

Smart Automation

When you get home, if you carry your smart phone, the heater will on automatically because Bluetooth knows you are in range.

Why we call it “Smart Automation”? It’s because it won’t automatically switch on when you go to bed even you are still in range.

How it works? Buy one and try!

Automatically swith on heater when you get home.

Away Detection

When you come in your room, the lights will on. When you get out of your room, the lights will off automatically.

Our Bluetooth products can determine if you are at short range or long range of your room.

Lights on when you are in, Lights off when you are away.

Installation Instruction

Electrical Properties
Input Voltage: 110V / 60Hz or 220V / 50Hz
Ambient Temperature: -10°C to 50°C
Resistive Load Current: Max 10A
Inductive Load Current:Max 5A

Mechanical Properties
Surface Material: Flame-resistant PC material;

Product Certification:CE, CB (WIP for V2 version products)
Bluetooth Chips Certification: BQB
Warranty:1 Year

Product Packing

DIM: 60x30x40CM
G.W.: 14KG
Individual Packing: BOX